Benji’s Beauty Faves

So I’ve cracked a few of Benjamin Button’s ageless beauty hacks and I am here to spill the tea! We all want that dreamy glow, youthful skin with no wrinkles, blemishes or cracks. In my younger days, I didn’t take too much into consideration when it came to my skin. Nothing outside the normal acne washes and lotions that were at hand. But now I can no longer fall back on my “I was born with it” luck. Since being in my 30’s, I’ve taken extra steps to ensure my skin is at its’ best, healthy and glowing. Give your skin what it thirst for.

Upon my search for everlasting youthful and heathy looking skin, I’ve discovered my new found love for serums and it has been a blissful journey for me and my skin. Often, people would tell me that I look younger than my actual age, but about mid last year, I’ve noticed a bit of a difference in my skin. With my busy life schedule, graveyard shift work and school during the day, it took a toll on my skin. I looked tired all the time and my skin was dull. But I am here to share my little miracles by Tree of Life. It is affordable and my skin is happy from the change.

Every morning and night I set aside time to pamper my skin. After my morning cleanse, I apply my Tree of Life vitamin C serum before apply my face lotion. And after my nightly cleanse, I use the Tree of Life Hyaluronic Acid and Retinol Serums. Together these serums work wonders and trust me, you want your hands on them. These items are so affordable and amazing that I signed up for subscription so I’ll never run out lol. To happy and healthy skin! Click the affiliated link below and thank me later.

Stay tuned for more beauty tips and full care routines!


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