The New Norm

A late night turned early morning with little to no sleep at all. Tossed and turned with much excitement of all my future hopes yet approaching fear as I plan my return to work. I’ve decided since my kids school year is over and now that their birthdays are out of the way, I will jump back in full force this coming week. It is refreshing to get back to the normal way of life…then I ask myself, “what is normal?”. What was once normal to us months ago has passed like a worn out trend. So even though it is a bit exciting to leave my hole and being turned into physical property of my kids, I will suit up as I make my way back to working. Masks and gloves stocked up and ready to go. And it is nice to finally see hand sanitizers and rubbing alcohol on shelves for purchase. Yes!, we are getting somewhere lol. Stay safe loves and to all essential workers, you are greatly appreciated!


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